9 Best Pure Veg Restaurants near Jayanagar

9 Best Pure Veg Restaurants near Jayanagar Bangalore

Bangalore city is a haven for foodies and vegetarians alike. The city is dotted with numerous restaurants serving amazing vegetarian dishes from various corners of the world. But finding the best pure veg restaurants in Bangalore can be daunting as there are so many options. We’ve compiled this curated list of some of the most popular pure veg restaurants near Jayanagar, Bangalore, to help you find your next favorite spot!

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1. Thyme & Whisk | Vegetarian Restaurant

Located in Jayanagar, this restaurant is an easygoing vegetarian establishment serving an extensive menu of international comfort food. It’s a vegetarian multi-cuisine restaurant offering North Indian, Pan-Asian, and Continental cuisine amalgamating traditional and global classics to create delicious fusion dishes.

They had both vegan and Jain options as well! The sizzlers were our favorite here; the paneer was perfectly cooked with just the right spice, but I wish they would serve their sizzlers with some more vegetables. The mock meat dishes were delicious, too; my friend loved her paneer chop so much that she ordered it again at another place where they didn’t have it on their menu!

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2. Patios – Progressive Vegetarian Kitchen

Patios are located on the ground floor of a building in Jayanagar, Bangalore. This restaurant has an alluring modern decor with dim lighting, swanky furniture, and outdoor seating. The menu boasts dishes from various countries, including Continental, Chinese and Indian cuisines. The specialty would be their delicious coconut rice and creamy soups to die for!

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3. Go Native

The place is such a stress buster. It’s the perfect definition of calm and serene. The theme-based restaurant with good architecture and food served at Go Native is completely contemporary and based on south Indian styles. It’s not just about the veg dishes but also the amazing ambiance that makes you feel relaxed and happy. You will love stuffed idly, cheese chili toast, or bread pakoda, two dishes I highly recommend, along with other best-selling ones like paneer masala, aloo gobi, palak paneer, etc.

They also serve beverages like mango lassi, coconut water shakes, and delicious fruit juices that can help you while waiting for your order to arrive.

4. Eshanya Street Food Cafe

Eshanya Street Food Cafe is a pure vegetarian restaurant located in Jayanagar’s busy and vibrant area. The cafe offers a variety of dishes from North Indian, Chinese and Mughlai cuisine. The food served here uses fresh ingredients and natural spices to give you a taste different from any other restaurant nearby.

Eshanya Street Food Cafe serves vegetarian thali alongside North Indian & Chinese buffets in a casual rooftop setting. The Starters, Main Course, and Desserts tasted Delicious..specialties: North Indian main course and authentic desserts like falooda kulfi.

5. Kalpavriksha Upahara

This is a good restaurant located in Jayanagar with a variety of food you have North Indian, South Indian, and Chinese. The north Indian Thalis and South Indian Meals for noon and night. The taste is good, and the food is affordable. This is a must-go place if you are craving the thali and looking for a hygienic place.

6. Saarangi Fine Dining / Express

Contemporary venue for North Indian, South Indian & Chinese dishes made with vegetable ingredients. This fine Dining Restaurant is located in the heart of South Bangalore and is a famous shopping place in 4th Block Jayanagar. Try their north Indian food like Mushroom masala and butter naan. Whether you need fine dining or takeaway, you will love Saarangi Fine dining.

7. Sukhsagar Restaurant

Come to Sukhsagar Restaurant when you are in the mood for a pure veg restaurant. The foods are prepared with fresh vegetables and herbs. The cuisine served here is North Indian, Punjabi, and Chinese. Sukhsagar serves good quality food at reasonable prices for lunch, dinner, and snacks. It also provides takeaway facilities to customers who wish for home deliveries or pickups from the restaurant itself.

The ambiance of this restaurant is simple yet elegant, with a comfortable seating arrangement that makes it ideal for family, friends, and business meetings.

8. Jalpaan

Jalpaan is one of the the best pure veg restaurants near Jayanagar. It serves Jain food. You can enjoy dine-in lunch or dinner with your family and friends at this place. The menu includes chaat, snacks, salad, tandoor dishes, and much more. Their specialties include bhel puri, royal paneer tikka, and so on.

9. Satkriti Saatvik

Saatvik is a purely vegetarian restaurant located in Jayanagar’s 4th Block. This is one of the oldest restaurants in this area and has been serving delicious food for decades. It serves all kinds of Indian dishes and a wide variety of Chinese cuisine.

The extensive menu of Saatvik offers plenty of options no matter what you are looking for, whether it is an elaborate dinner or just something quick and simple for lunch. And if you want to satisfy your taste buds with some authentic South Indian food, then do visit them during their South India full thali, which is unlimited.


We hope this list of pure veg restaurants near Jayanagar will be helpful to you. It was tough to narrow down the many options, but we tried to include only the most delicious and reliable places close enough for you to visit regularly. If you know of more vegetarian restaurants in Bangalore, please let us know so we can add them to the list!

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