We currently deliver in Bangalore.
We currently deliver in Bangalore.


Smart Carbs

(13 Reviews)

Guilt Free- Healthy- Tasty!

Veg/Non Veg Protein, one alternative Carbohydrate and a Dressing.

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From ₹149 per meal!

For 20 Box subscription

Mini Combo

(182 Reviews)

Relish on a quick pocket-friendly homemade meal!

Dal/Non-Veg Gravy & Papad with Rice, or, Veg/Non-Veg Gravy & Salad with Bread.

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From ₹100 per meal!

For 20 meal subscription

Trial Plan

(432 Reviews)

Explore the enticing flavours of all our meal plans!

Explore the variety and choose your favourite - Combination of Classic, Deluxe and Bread Combo in a single subscription plan.

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From ₹136 per meal!

For 30 meal subscription

Classic Combo

(1562 Reviews)

Savour on simple and modest ‘Desi’ flavours!

Rice and/or Bread, Sabji/Non-Veg Gravy, Dal, Salad, Curd/Raita and Pickle.

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From ₹115 per meal!

For 30 meal subscription

Bread Combo

(297 Reviews)

Drool over a plethora of Indian Breads!

Bread, a Veg Curry, a Veg/Non-Veg Curry, Pickle, Salad, Curd, and Dessert.

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From ₹140 per meal!

For 30 meal subscription

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Deluxe Combo

(710 Reviews)

Savour on a plethora of intense ‘Desi’ flavours!

Rice and/or Bread, Sabji, Veg/Non-Veg Gravy, Dal, Salad, Curd/Raita, Pickle and a Dessert.

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From ₹155 per meal!

For 30 meal subscription

Homechef Specials

Check out exclusive specialties by our home chefs featuring everything
from breakfast to dinner along with delicious festive treats!

Match Ka Tadka

casion To Celebr Stirfried Chilli Chicken In Chilli Garlic Sauce And Chicken Kebab Salad With Mint Chutney

Appams With Mutta Roast

Catch some late breakfast brunch option with a platter of soft , spongy appams served along with a spicy egg roast made in local flavours.

French Croquettes

Chit chat with your loved ones at home after a tiring day of work and some friend french vegetable croquttes and honey chilli sauce.
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The Masala Box Story

The Masala Box Story

The Masala Box Story

Food nostalgia overwhelms us with memories, vivid and vague, of people and places from the past. We often end up craving for the taste of mom’s stew or grandma’s special curry even though we have an abundance of confusing choices. But the truth is nothing compares to mom’s cooking and the food you grew up eating . . . .

Healthy & Homemade Tiffin Service in Bangalore
Meal Plans by Masalabox

We serve delicious home-cooked food on a subscription basis by leveraging a vast home chef network. The food we serve is prepared in home kitchens by passionate homechefs around us who share a love for food and passion for cooking. Every plate of food served by Masala Box is prepared using the freshest, top-quality ingredients based on authentic, regional recipes. Our food is also free from any kind of chemical-based colourants, taste enhancers or preservatives. Meal subscriptions from Masala Box can be customised to suit your dietary preferences and convenience. Meal plans by Masala Box is a one-stop solution for all home food cravings!