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4th Dec, 2022

2:30 PM | Zoom Webinar

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3rd Dec, 2022

3:00 PM | Zoom Webinar

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Vegan twist to Popular Festive Snacks

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The Iconic Lamingtons

29th July, 2023

Creative Chocolate Modeling

17th July, 2023

Party Snacks with a Twist

20th May, 2023

Kids Tiffin Ideas Masterclass

13th May, 2023

Mango Madness Masterclass

06th May, 2023

Healthy Gujarati Snacks

29th Apr, 2023

Authentic Bengali Sweets Recipe

22nd Apr, 2023

Cookalong on Reverse Spherification

15th Apr, 2023

Unique Recipes + Plating Techniques

25th Mar, 2023

Upside Down Pineapple Cake

05th Mar, 2023

Holi and Indian Dessert Food Styling

25th Feb, 2023

Painted Chocolate Couverture

08th Feb, 2023

Easy Baked Savouries Masterclass

28th Jan, 2023

Vegan Baking Masterclass

20th Jan, 2023

Bright/Dark Food Photography Masterclass

07th Jan, 2023

Fancy Foccacia Art Masterclass

15th Dec, 2022

Eggless + Non- alcoholic Plum Cake Masterclass

11th Dec, 2022

Attractive Desserts & Decorations Masterclass

3rd Dec, 2022

1 Stop Brownie Solution Masterclass

26th Nov 2022

Eggless Dessert Tubs Masterclass

23rd Nov 2022

Food Styling and Composition Masterclass by Chef Alok Verma

29th Oct, 2022

Festive Fusion Cheese Cake Masterclass by Chef Taha Khan

9th Oct, 2022

Special Diwali masterclass by Smrutisree Singh

29th Sept, 2022

Traditional Indian Sweets masterclass by Nivedita Gangay

25th Sept, 2022

Signature Dessert masterclass by chef Taha Khan

21st Sept, 2022

Signature Baking masterclass by chef Oindrila Bala

19th Sept 2022