Top 9 most expensive vegetables in the world


Vegetables – those savory treats that are tasty addition to almost all the dishes we eat. People enjoy vegetables in many ways, including raw, roasted, boiled, and added to desserts.. While most vegetables are quite affordable, there are some that come with a hefty price tag. 

Here are 9 of the most expensive vegetables in the world.

  1. Wasabi is a root vegetable commonly used as a condiment in Japanese cuisine. A single kilogram can cost up to $110!
  1. Saffron is another seasoning that is luxury and do not come cheap – it’s often known to as “red gold” due to its high value. Just 1 gram of saffron can cost around $5,000!
  1. Oyster mushrooms are expensive for their culinary uses and can command a high price tag of over $1,600 per kilogram
  1. White truffles are another luxurious fungi and fetch an impressive price of nearly $3,000 per kilogram!
  1. Bluefin tuna is a delicacy in many parts of the world, and a single can costs upwards of $3,600! Yubari melons are incredibly rare fruits that originate from Japan – a pair can cost an astonishing $45,000!
  1. Golden potatoes may not look like much, but they command quite the price tag at over $1,400 per kilogram!
  1. Wild asparagus spears can be quite difficult (and costly) to find – they often sell for around 500 dollarsUSDper pounds or more than 300 euros/kilos!.
  1. Caviar is widely considered to be a luxurious food due to its rarity and high price tag. A single kilogram can cost upwards of $25,000!
  1. To make foie gras, ducks or geese are force-fed until their livers become diseased. It’s incredibly rich and flavorful and expensive, selling for around $180 per pound.

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Wrapping up

If you love gourmet dishes, there’s no doubt you will be love these pricey vegetables. And if you’re a gardener, it could inspire you to grow them in your backyard. It is hard to believe that unique tastes and flavours can come from a single vegetable. 

What about you? Which vegetables are on your grocery list? Perhaps it’s time for you to try one of these healthy yet expensive vegetables at home!

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