7 Healthy Street Food Options in India

Food is an important part of any culture, and India is no different. Indian street food is some of the most delicious in the world, and it can be surprisingly healthy too. Here are 7 healthy street food options to try on your next trip to India:

1. Chaat 

Chaat is a popular street food all over India, and there are endless variations to try. It typically consists of fried dough, vegetables, and spices. You can serve it on a small plate or in a paper cone. The best part about chaat is that it can be as healthy or unhealthy as you won’t – just watch out for the deep-fried versions!

2. Dosa 

A dosa is a type of pancake from fermented rice batter and lentils. It’s usually served with a variety of chutneys and fillings, making it a complete meal in itself. Dosas are rich in vitamins and minerals, and they’re also low in fat and calories.

3. Pani Puri 

Pani puri is another chaat dish that can be very healthy if you make smart choices about the ingredients. It consists of small puffed wheat balls filled with water (pani), tamarind sauce (puris), and either potato or chickpeas (depending on your preference). Choose pani puris with less oil for a healthier option. 

4. Bhel 

Bhel is a popular Indian street food typically consisting of puffed rice, vegetables, and spices. It’s usually served with tamarind or mint chutney, making it delicious and refreshing. Bhel is low in calories and fat, and it’s also a good source of fibre.

5. Idli 

Idli is a south Indian dish made from steamed rice cakes. It’s often served with sambar (a type of vegetable stew) or chutneys, making it a balanced and nutritious meal. Idlis are rich in vitamins and minerals, and they’re also low in fat and calories.

6. Samosas 

Samosas are a popular snack all over India, and they come in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. They’re usually fried, but you can also find baked versions if you’re looking for something healthier. Fillings can vary widely, but potatoes and peas are common choices.

7. Vada Pav 

Vada pav is a type of burger popular in India. It consists of a potato fritter (vada) served on a bun (pav) with chutneys and spices. While it’s not the healthiest option on this list, it’s still relatively low in fat and calories compared to other fast food options.

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