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Painted Chocolate Couverture Recipe


Vanhoutten Couverture Dark Chocolate
Chocolate colors (Powder)
Unrefined Cocoa Butter
Paint Brush
Poly Carbonate Chocolate Moulds
Edible Gold Foil

1. Firstly start with painting the mould with cocoa butter and color (melt cocoa butter and add desired powder color to achieve the shade)
2. Now paint the chocolate mould with paint brush using same cocoa butter and set aside the mould to dry.
3. Now, Take 160 grams of Dark Chocolate for melting and keep 40 grams of Dark Chocolate seperately for seeding method as shown in the session.
4. Once your chocolate is melted and reached to 46-48C, start adding the chocolate kept for seeding.
5. Mix the chocolate until it reached to 32C and now its ready to pour.
6. Pour the chocolate in the ready mould and set it in refrigerator for atleast 4 hours.
7. Then just tap the mould on the table and you can demould the chocolates.
8. To decorate them further, use gold foil and apply on the chocolate.

TEMPERING guidelines:

MELTING – 46-48 degree C
TEMPER – 31 degree C
MELTING – 37-43 degree C
TEMPER – 29-30 degree C

80% Chocolate for melting
20% Chocolate for seeding

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    • Ruchi Kackar

      Very nice session. Pls conduct some sessions on savoury bakes also.

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