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    20 minutes
  • Cook Time
    25 minutes
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Mughlai Paratha is a very popular street food from Bengal. This recipe traces back to the time of the Mughal empire. It is a crisp, flaky flatbread that is stuffed with fluffy eggs and chilies. This Kolkata street food has changed the definition of paratha. Only after a few bites of it, will you realize that it’s truly a  “fatafati dish”.  In Bengal, it is pronounced as “Moglai Porota” and serves as a great snack.  It can also be customized by stuffing spicy keema mixture. It is satisfying, savory and highly addictive because of its contrasting textures.

Try this recipe at home to devour the goodness of this delicious dish.



    How to make Mughlai Paratha at home

    Step 1

    Mix flour with salt knead to a smooth dough using the required water.

    Step 2

    For the keema filling – heat oil add ginger garlic paste, mix well then add chopped onion,

    Step 3

    Then add minced Mutton/Chicken and mix well, then add turmeric powder, chili powder & garam masala powder.

    Step 4

    Simmer the filling for 3-4 mins to make sure all the moisture evaporates. Once the filling is dry & cooked take it out from the flame and cool the mixture.

    Step 5

    Divide the dough into equal portions. Take 1 portion to start rolling to the required consistency

    Step 6

    Spread the filling in the center mixed with some egg batter, then carefully fold & close from all sides, and press gently

    Step 7

    Roast the paratha on tawa till it reaches a golden brown color by adding oil as required.

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