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    20 Mints
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The tale of Gajak goes long back when nuts and jaggery were cooked together to make energy bars for soldiers in the Mughal army. The taste of this pushed for it to get adopted by commoners and has become a delicacy, during the festive season of Sankranti and Lohri in the country. Watching the making of a gajak is truly a treat to the eyes.  

Nostalgia beats-Does it remind you of it getting stuck to your teeth and post that we would spend hours struggling to take it out?


Ingredients Required


    How to make Gajak at home

    Step 1

    .In a wok roast sesame seeds on a medium flame.

    Step 2

    Grind them coarsely.

    Step 3

    Grind peanuts coarsely. Keep aside.

    Step 4

    Again put wok on heat. Add ghee.

    Step 5

    Now add jaggery and cook until it foams up.

    Step 6

    Add sesame seeds & peanuts to it. Mix it. Switch off the flame.

    Step 7

    Gajak mix is ready

    Step 8

    Now grease hands, rolling pin & working board

    Step 9

    Now gather the mixture on board with greased hands.

    Step 10

    Roll out with a rolling pin.

    Step 11

    Once sheet is ready cut into desired shapes and enjoy!

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