cucumber rolls
  • Prep Time
    30 Minutes
  • Cook Time
    30 Minutes
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    How to Make Cucumber Rolls

    Step 1

    •Mash Feta cheese with curd until smooth consistency.

    Step 2

    •Throw in all the other ingredients and mix it well.

    Step 3

    •Slice the cucumber lengthwise and long with the help of a slicer (without the seeds)

    Step 4

    •Make strips of the cucumber and set it aside.

    Step 5

    •Take one long strip of cucumber and place about one tsp of the cheese mixture.

    Step 6

    •Carefully roll it out with light hands.

    Step 7

    •Place them on a serving plate in a row.

    Step 8

    •Top each piece with roasted sesame, chilli flakes and coriander leaf.

    Step 9

    •Serve it chilled or right away.

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