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You would be surprised to know that this popular street food was invented during colonial times. Bombay Sandwich is a great mix of carbs and fiber in the form of boiled potatoes and veggies. This Sandwich is made with white bread, slathered with mint chutney, and a lot of butter. Earlier it was toasted on hot coal in a chimta or in a cast iron grill. 

Try our recipe to make this super easy and extremely delicious Bombay Sandwich 



    How to make Bombay Sandwich at home

    Step 1

    First dry roast Cumin, fennel, peppercorns, cinnamon, cardamom on low flame, then cool the spices and blend it to a fine powder.

    Step 2

    Take 3 slices of bread, spread butter to 2 slices, and green chutney to another.

    Step 3

    On the green chutney slice, place the boiled potato and sprinkle sandwich masala, then place tomato, cucumber topped with a cheese slice.

    Step 4

    Then cover it with a buttered bread slice & spread green chutney on top, then place beetroot, onion, cheese slice & sprinkled sandwich masala.

    Step 5

    Cover the bread by spreading the butter on top and Grill till it reaches a golden brown color.

    Step 6

    Cut it in the required shapes.

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