• Prep Time
    10 Mints
  • Cook Time
    15 Mints
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Celebrating better food choices with an utterly delicious Avocado and Egg toast.

Topping avocado toast with an egg is a near-perfect breakfast. Try it once and we think you’ll agree!


Ingredients Required


    How to make Avocado and egg toast at home

    Step 1

    Slice up the bread loaf, grill it on both sides with some butter.

    Step 2

    Cut open the avocado and mash it up, add some lemon juice for it to not discolor, and add some salt. Keep this aside

    Step 3

    Fry eggs in a pan on some olive oil to sunny side up[ fried on one side, till the egg yolk is cooked to your liking]

    Step 4

    Assemble the dish with a scoop full of mashed-up avocado on the grilled toast and the egg on top.

    Step 5

    Garnish with some chili flakes.

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