Diwali With a Pinch of Twist!

05th Nov, 2023

4:00 PM

Zoom webinar

₹ 699 Free

05th Nov, 2023  4:00 PM

Zoom webinar

₹ 699 Free

About the Expert

From the nurturing embrace of motherhood to the fiery challenges of Masterchef's arena, Kamaldeep Kaur, affectionately known as KDK, emerges as a beacon of inspiration for countless mothers. Her evolution from a home cook to a culinary marvel speaks volumes about her fervor, commitment, and culinary love affair. Kamaldeep's culinary philosophy radiates in her dishes, underscoring the idea that modern and exotic recipes can be crafted from simple ingredients. She encapsulates her culinary approach with: "Basic ingredients, innovative dish." Experience Kamaldeep’s unique flair as she metamorphoses ordinary kitchen staples into gourmet masterpieces that are not only tantalizing but also mindful of health.

About the event

This Diwali, bid adieu to the conventional and embrace the extraordinary! Dive into a culinary odyssey as we reimagine festive meals. In collaboration with Masalabox, this masterclass is set to blend age-old traditions with a dash of global zest.

Join us on the 5th of November to explore a galaxy of festive dishes, all under the adept guidance of Chef Kamaldeep Kaur. From the luminance of age-old traditions to the allure of innovative delights, this session promises a Diwali feast like no other.

You will Learn:

Pineapple Sandesh: A classic Bengali dessert with a tropical twist, this creamy delicacy combines the freshness of pineapples with the richness of chenna.

Pea Roulade with Blueberry Stuffing: A harmonious blend of savory and sweet, this dish features tender pea roulades filled with a tangy blueberry stuffing, offering a burst of flavors in every bite.

Carrot Shorts with a Twist: Elevate the humble carrot into a gourmet appetizer. These bite-sized delights are seasoned to perfection and come with a surprise element that's sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Seize this golden opportunity to amplify your culinary repertoire, bring gourmet Diwali dishes to your dining table, and plunge into the vibrant realm of "Diwali With a Pinch of Twist!"

Eager to transform your festive menu? Spots are being snapped up quickly. Secure yours now and set sail on this gastronomic voyage!