5 Indian Foods That Can Be Paired with Wine

Indian khana and wine! Go beyond the traditional wine & cheese combo, pair it with your favorite Indian dish and experience something new. Here we have some lip-smacking wine and Indian food combos that will be a new experience for your palate.

Chicken Vindaloo & Rosè 

The spice level in the vindaloo curry goes really well with a rose. It’s a treat for people who love to experience contrasting flavours in their meals.

With a tinge of sweetness paired with the spice level of the vindaloo sauce, this combo is surely a match made in heaven. Moreover, you can also team up vindaloo curries with red wines like Gamay and Pinot Noir.

Chardonnay & Butter Chicken/Chicken Tikka Masala

Credits – Pexels

Dishes with a creamy or buttery sauce such as butter chicken or chicken tikka masala go really well with chardonnay. In other words, the moderate acidity of the chardonnay balances out the Indian spices quite well.

Rogan Josh & Dal Makhani with Pinot Noir

Red wine, the ultimate go-to wine for Indians, and full-bodied reds like Malbec and Rioja compliment Indian meat dishes like rogan josh, raan, or mutton kassa perfectly.

Rich in clarified butter, aromatic spices, and onion-based gravies, the tender marinated mutton can also be paired with red wines like Gamay, Garnacha, Pinot Noir, GSM blends, and Valpolicella.

Paneer/Tofu Tikka Masala & Sauvignon Blanc

Credits- Pixabay

Mild Indian gravies like tofu/paneer tikka masala that have tomatoes as a base ingredient blend like a pro with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

The smoky tandoori flavor of the curry and the fruity notes of the wine works truly like magic.

Vegetable Pakoras/Fritters with Champagne 

Credits – Pixabay

The combination of crispy fritters with bubbling champagne is a combo that you would’ve never thought of! Moreover, these Indian nibbles are the real deal for any get-together.

Fried to perfection, you can enjoy these hot crunchy snacks by popping a champagne bottle.

We hope that you enjoy these unique food pairings with a good glass of wine!

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