Why Homemade Food Is The Healthier Option


Do you know that PFAS ( per and polyfluoroalkyl substances) belong to a group of chemicals commonly found in packaged foods and contaminated water? A research recently found out the link between kidney and liver diseases & developmental and reproductive problems with PFAS. What’s shocking is that a recent research concluded that people who eat out have higher levels of PFAS in their blood.PFAS is very common in fast food packaging and it may be one of the reasons for the high PFAS level in people who eat out. While most of us often prefer to eat outside, even though we are aware that homemade food is better and healthier. These recent studies should make us rethink our habit of eating outside. .

Health Benefits Of Homemade Food

We all are well aware of the fact that eating home-cooked meals and cutting back at eating at restaurants is a good habit. Still, most of us continue to eat outside maybe because they do not know about the benefits of homemade food. If you are still wondering why homemade food is the healthier option, check out the benefits you can enjoy by eating homemade food.

The Health Factor

The food served at most restaurants is rich in sugar, salt, and fat. You can have them once in a while or during special occasions, but if you eat restaurant food daily, it will surely affect your health. When we are cooking at home, we will have control on the ingredients you are using.

In fact, we will be using fresh and clean ingredients when preparing meals at home. This is something you won’t be able to have control when eating from restaurants. So, in short eating home-cooked meals is the simplest and efficient way to stay healthy.

Food Safety

How many times have you read about food-borne diseases caused by eating under-cooked vegetables/meats and low-quality food. Since we have no idea about what ingredients restaurants are using or how clean they are, we won’t be able to prevent the occurence of these food-borne diseases. That said, you will be able to stay away from such illness by choosing healthy homemade food over restaurant food.

The Solution

Most of us lead busy lives, we spent hours at work, and come back home tired. Most days we lack the energy to prepare meals at home. But, do not worry we have a solution for you. We can help you get healthy homemade food delivered to your doorsteps with ease. The meals are prepared by skilled home chefs who use fresh and clean ingredients. Our homemade meals are made with love and care, just like how your mom prepares food.

Let’s Start Eating Healthy By Switching To Homemade Food.

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