Where can I order the best Biryani in Bangalore?

Best Biryani in Bangalore

Best Biryani in Bangalore

To hunt for best biryani in Bangalore is definitely not difficult. But before we start our search let’s just bow to the greatness of a bowl of biryani!

The culinary world is always in flux. Sometimes the trend leans towards the flavor, sometimes texture, sometimes spices, sometimes technique, and sometimes convenience!

If we bring these five points together, there is something so traditional in our Indian repertoire that it can challenge any dish of international repute. Yes, it is the one-pot wonder of Biryani.

Built on layers of flavor constructed with cooked yogurt, fried onions, and ghee, a plate of Biryani boasts of perfectly cooked rice lending it a texture of pure pleasure. The subtle aroma that wafts out when you break open the top layer of rice and reveal the juicy and tender pieces of meat beneath lends it a royal experience. The magic of not turning a pot of Biryani into mush is to apply proper heat with a technique called ‘dum’ which should keep the rice moist and the meat succulent. Sign of the best biryani is when both rice and the meat have a depth of flavor and not dried out or stringy.

There are many kinds of Biryanis with varied regional origins and types of meat or other proteins it has.  The popular regional choices are – Mughlai Biryani, Lucknowi Biryani, Andhra-style Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani, Calcutta Biryani, Afghani Biryani, Bangalore’s own Donne Style Biryani, Homestyle Biryani, Ambur Biryani, Bhatkali Biryani, Muslim Biryani etc. The various choices of protein that you can find in Biryani are – Chicken, Mutton, Prawn, Paneer, Fish, etc.

Bangalore & Biryani

The popularity of Biryani in Bangalore is legendary. The city is in deep love with this dish, so much so that it has city-based online groups dedicated solely to find hidden Biryani joints in the city and swap heirloom recipes from their own families!

The wild popularity of Biryani has also inspired Masalabox to showcase the family recipes of its home chef and create Home Chef Specials solely dedicated to popular flavours of Biryani. But before we reveal the exciting world of Biryani of Masalabox, let us find out about other city-based popular places that serve the best Biryani in Bangalore.

Five Popular Bangalore Joints Dishing Out Best Biryani in Bangalore


For a bowl of rustic, home-style, fiery and earthy flavor of coastal Andhra, make a beeline to Nagarjuna. The biryani here is spot on, cooked with whole spices with a hit of chilies. With multiple outlets peppered around the city, you are never far away from a spicy and delicious dish of Andhra-style biryani. And now with online ordering, you don’t have to wait in the lines for a seat at the always-crowded restaurant.
Can you order online? Yes.

Shivaji Military Hotel

Served in a bowl of dried and sewn areca palm leaf, the donne-style biryani is Namma Bengaluru’s very own. If you think biryani means basmati rice, donne biryani will spring a surprise at you. Shivaji Military Hotel, known for its brilliant balance of rice and meat content, is a legendary place to hog your share of donne biryani in the city.

Can you order online? Yes.

Meghana Foods

Another joint that serves Andhra-style biryani, but with a difference! If you prefer your rice spiced subtly, bearing a mellow flavor and your chicken boneless and spicy, then this is your biryani mecca. Their boneless chicken biryani is coated with a spicy batter and the gravy on the sides lends right moisture to the rice. For a bigger and bolder, and robust flavor, check this joint out! The basic difference between Nagarjuna & Meghana is the latter is more refined in flavoring the rice and doesn’t use whole spices. 

Can you order online? Yes.

Hyderabad Biryaani House

A consistent performer in the authentic Hyderabadi Biryani circuit, this outlet on Richmond Road doesn’t need any introduction to the city’s Biryani fanatics.  Humble biryani served on a banana leaf is well-spiced and tasty. The side dishes are also mouthwatering. For people who are both quality and quantity conscious, this is the best place to order the rice dish from!

Can you order online? Yes.

Shareif Bhai

Craving for some Muslim-styled biryani right in the morning? Yes, biryani breakfast is a thing and Shareif Bhai delivers on that promise! His Gosht Biryani from the Kormangala joint is hugely popular for its fragrant and non-greasy rice and meaty mutton bites. A bowl from here will remind you of the flavors of street food that you are missing during this home-bound phase. During Eid and other Islamic festivals, you can also call for haleem, kebabs, and meat-filled samosas.
Can you order online? Yes.

Masalabox Home Chef Specials Biryani

If you prefer homemade biryani over homely tasting biryani from any of the above joints, don’t forget to check out the fine selection of regional biryanis available at Maa’s Biryani from Masalabox.

We have curated the best selection of biryanis which our talented homemakers have perfected over the years. The range includes simple yet sensational ingredients like basmati rice, Jeera kashala rice, and freshly procured meat, poultry, and vegetables. From classic biryanis to regional favorites, we have hand-selected the range with care for every taste and flavor.

The biryanis are prepared in small individual batches by our home chefs in their traditional vessels. This gives a humble result as compared to bulk produced restaurant biryanis. The preparations have no additives and food colors which would harm your natural immune system.

Can you order online? Yes.

So what’s stopping you now? Let the biryani binge begin!

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