5 Foods To Eat Daily To Get Long & Dense Hair like Rapunzel


Who doesn’t want beautiful, long hair? Everyone wishes to have hair like Rapunzel and the best way to do so is by making minute modifications to your diet. Small modifications can help you boost your hair health and make your hair longer and thicker than ever! We bring to you a list of 5 such foods to help you boost your hair growth!


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Eggs are a rich source of proteins as well as biotin. Both proteins and biotin are necessary for hair growth and maintenance of hair health. Thus, eating eggs or adding eggs to your diet can help you get thicker and longer hair.


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Spinach contains folate, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C . All of them promote hair growth and make your hair thicker and longer. These nutrients help in maintaining a good scalp health as well, thus reducing hair fall.

Sweet Potato

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Sweet potatoes are a rich source of Vitamin A, as they supply Beta-carotene to the body. Vitamin A helps in maintaining excellent scalp health, thus helping in growth of thicker hair and reducing hair loss. It also helps by increasing rate of hair growth while reducing hair loss thus increasing volume.


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Compounds present in soybean encourage the growth of hair by various methods. Soybeans contain large volumes of protein as well. That helps in maintaining good hair health as hair requires proteins for proper growth.


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Avocados contain a large volume of Vitamin E, that helps in improving hair health and hair growth. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that helps reduce the hair loss and boosts the growth of hair making them thicker and longer.

Thus, having thick and long hair is not the ‘magic of chemicals’ applied to your hair, but it is the diet that holds major value in that respect. Eating right can help you improve your hair quality as well as the scalp health. It will help your hair grow longer, stronger and thicker just like Rapunzel!

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