Delicious Food Items Your Favorite Stars Ate At This Year’s Oscar Awards


This just in! The Oscars are finally relevant after multiple years! Don’t act like you don’t know why (seriously though look at all the memes). Anyways, that got me thinking, has anyone thought about what these A-list stars eat at such prestigious events? Have you thought about this too? I have some answers!

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For the first time, the Governor’s Ball menu was created by Wolfgang Puck with Bronx- based culinary collective “Ghetto Gastro”. For those asking, the Governor’s Ball is the official Oscars after party.

It’s Dinner Time!

Jon Gray, Pierre Serrao, and Lester Walker from Ghetto Gastro served food influenced by African countries, ingredients from the south, and hip hop. Dishes like ancestral roots waffles with fried chicken and spicy sovereign syrup, trading places cornbread with crab and caviar, and field of dreams crispy coconut rice with peas and sweet plantain.

Other dishes that were served included Maine lobster pot pie with spring vegetables, dry-aged Wagyu beef sliders with French fries, and Cacio e Pepe macaroni and cheese, made by Puck and Eric Klein, Wolfgang Puck Catering’s Vice President of Culinary.

Care for a Drink?

Among all these fancy foods, there are fancier drinks, like Champagne Fleur de Miraval (Brad Pitt’s Rosé champagne), two limited-edition Francis Ford Coppola Wines, and a selection of Tequila Don Julio specialty cocktails.

“At Ghetto Gastro, we have a saying, ‘WE ONLY LAYER FLAVORS’ (W.O.L.F.) – so we feel it’s only right that we collaborate with the great Wolfgang Puck to create an Oscars Governor’s Ball unlike any before. Wolf Gang activity,” Says Jon Gray, from Ghetto Gastro.

What’s for Dessert?

For those who have a sweet tooth, there are chocolate sea salt Oscar eclairs, grapefruit panna cotta, smores macarons, and their signature chocolate Oscars.

Still don’t care about the Oscars? But all of this fancy food sounds so mouth-watering! Don’t mind if I look up some of those recipes myself! None of us is gonna be able to cook any of these professionally made dishes, but doesn’t hurt to try!

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