What Are These 6 Masterchef India Winners Doing Right Now?

India has too many reality shows, but Masterchef India gained enormous popularity. Millions of viewers enjoy the show, so it is not shocking to say that food lovers worldwide enjoy watching Masterchef India. 

The participants received a lot of appreciation for their cooking skills in the show. After every season, however, we tend to forget the winners and look for new ones. 

This blog will look at 6 Winners of Masterchef India and see how they are doing now.

Pankaj Bhadouria

Credits- Facebook

The first-ever Masterchef to win the show was Chef Pankaj Bhadouria, currently living in Lucknow and running a successful and popular cafe there. She also started a show names Chef Pankaj Ka Zayka, which generated numerous viewers’ exciting recipes. 

Shipra Khanna

Credits- Facebook

Shipra Khanna is the second and very popular MasterChef India with many shows aired on TV. And the author of many recipe books under her name. She is working as a consultant for restaurants and is also popular among millennials for her recipes uploaded on Instagram.

Ripu Raman Handa

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Ripu Raman Handa is a celebrity chef who is also a star chef for the channels like Starplus. He has many cookbooks authored under his name. His food genre is primarily about healthy and oil-free food recipes loved by thousands. 

Nikita Gandhi

Credits- Facebook

Nikita Gandhi is the winner of season 4 and runs a prevalent website name Veggie Fix. she offers healthy cooking and eating habits and is very popular among food lovers. 

Kirti Bhoutika

Credits- Facebook

The youngest contestant on MasterChef India season 5. Bhoutika proved herself a gifted baker even after winning the program. She is also renowned in Kolkata, where she started her bakery shop. She hosts a cooking show on several websites under the name Sugarplum Cakery.

Abinas Nayak

Credits- Instagram

A talented chef, Abinas won the hearts of the judges and the audience through his exceptional culinary skills. His impressive Instagram page comprises delectable recipes. He has created using assorted ingredients. Reportedly, he’s working as a food stylist and equally enjoys creating surprising and unconventional dishes that could only be seen on restaurant menus.

In conclusion, these six winners have each found their perfect fit in the Masterchef arena. Their skills, dedication, and passion for cooking have propelled them to the top, and they are now using their fame and success to help others become better cooks. What these contestants are doing now is truly inspiring!

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