Vietnamese Food Blogger Tries Jalebi For The First Time

Vietnamese Food Blogger Tries Jalebi For The First Time

The popularity of Jalebi Indian food has sky-rocketed over the decades. People like to enjoy spicy, flavourful and aromatic food – that is what Indian cuisine offers in riches.

Indian cuisine is celebrated around the globe. The US is also one of those countries where people are greatly passionate about Indian food. And this video is another example of the growing popularity of Indian food around the globe.

A video is going viral on social media showing a Vietnamese woman in the US trying the Indian dessert jalebi for the first time.

Soy, a food blogger, shared a video of herself dining at a restaurant in California. While there, she couldn’t resist trying jalebi for the first time. She was accompanied by her friend, who introduced her to the delectable dessert.

In the now-viral video, the food blogger shows off a this sweet and says she is super excited to try it. “Very sweet, a lot of the syrup taste. I like the texture. It kind of reminds me of deeper-fried funnel cake. Wow, look at all that syrup. It’s so pretty,” she says as she takes a big bite of the jalebi.

“Trying Jalebi for the first time! It’s known as the national sweet of India. It reminds me of a really well-done funnel cake dipped in saffron syrup. Have you had it before (sic),” the video caption reads.

People took to the comments section to share their love for this sweet. “Yes!!! I had it in India. It’s sooooooooo GOOD,” one user commented. “I like the jalebi I ate in Leicester, UK. The best ever,” another user commented. “Love jalebi. That is my childhood favorite,” another added.

The jalebi is one sweet dish we adore as it is. But last year, a video went viral in which a man-made chaat used jalebi, onion, yoghurt, and papdi and garnished it with sev puri. Ugh!

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