Veg Momos: A healthier alternative

Yeah, we know that momos are delicious. You can’t go wrong with them! But what if we told you there’s a healthier way to enjoy them? Steamed veg momos are not only delicious – they’re also healthier than their fried counterparts. One plate of steamed momos contains about 80 calories compared to 140 calories found in the same amount of fried momos.

Every momo lover’s dream is to eat healthy and delicious momos.

Momos are the perfect snack for busy people who don’t have time to cook a proper meal but still want something tasty and healthy. This recipe is the answer to all your momo dreams!

The momos are steamed and served with a flavorful sauce. They’re also filled with veggies, which makes them super healthy.

It’s easy to make these at home—all you need is some dough, filling ingredients, and a steamer or pressure cooker (or both). The rest is as simple as pressing down on the dough until it forms into bubbles (aka “dimples”). Then you can fill them with all kinds of goodness: meat or vegetarian, sweet or savory—the choice is yours!

One plate of steamed momos contains about 80 calories.

Momos are a popular street food snack in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. Momos are dumplings stuffed with meat or vegetables and served steamed or fried. They have also been gaining popularity worldwide because of their delicious taste and health benefits.

However, momos can be unhealthy due to their high carbohydrate content from refined flour, meaning that one plate of steamed momos contains about 80 calories. In contrast, fried momos can range from 200-500 calories per serving!

Research suggests that a diet high in fiber can help lower cholesterol levels and reduce diabetes risk factors such as abdominal fat accumulation and insulin resistance. This is because fiber helps improve blood sugar control by slowing down the absorption of nutrients into your bloodstream, so you feel full for longer. Fibre also prevents constipation which can lead to unhealthy weight gain if not treated.

That’s good news for all the foodies who want to enjoy their favorite snack without regret later!

Momos are a popular dish in India’s eastern, northern, and central regions. They are mostly served as a snack or an appetizer but can be eaten at any time of the day. You can make them at home using different ingredients like cauliflower, paneer, or even meat if you want to (though do keep in mind that it will add to their calorie count).

It’s easy to make momos healthy too! If you want your veg momos to be light on calories, use less oil when frying them. You can also opt for healthier options like whole wheat flour instead of maida flour and use low-fat paneer instead of full-fat ones in your recipe.

Steamed veg momos are healthier than fried ones.

Steaming is healthier than frying because less oil, fat, and calories are involved. It also makes for a tastier momo! With steamed momos, you get more fiber too—but that’s something we’ll talk about later.


If you love veg momos, now is the time to try this healthy alternative. You can have them with your family and friends at home or eat them on the go! The steamed momos are easy to store, so you don’t have to worry about them getting wasted. Make sure they’re always fresh when you’re ready for that delicious taste of home-cooked food.

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