7 Unique Indian Desserts For Every Mithai Lover

7 Unique Indian Desserts For Every Mithai Lover

“As long as you know there’s mithai, life’s sure to be sweet!” To begin with, there’s truly an unbreakable bond between Indians and mithai. But do you know that there are some unique Indian desserts that you have probably never heard of (let alone tasted)?

Here we bring some delicious desserts that will fulfill all your “kuch meetha ho jaaye!” cravings.


Kharwas/Junnu is a delectable Indian milk-sweet steamed pudding made with buffalo or cow colostrum, the first milk produced after giving birth. It is a very melt-in-the-mouth dessert that feels divine, and heavenly in taste! Additionally, the addition of saffron takes the dish to a whole new level!

Sel Roti

Sel roti is a sweet, ring-shaped bread/doughnut popular in the Indian state of Sikkim. This mildly sweet dish is a specialty during the Tihar festival. Moreover, it tastes excellent when accompanied by spicy mutton curries and Shimi pickles.


It’s a traditional Konkani sweet treat that’s a little tricky to make but oh-so-delicious. Fried and drowned in sugar syrups, Jambool has a dark brown exterior and a soft, melting interior. Festivals, weddings, and birthdays are just a few of the occasions when this dish is prepared and served.

It has a sweet taste to it, but it isn’t excessively sugary. In conclusion, bite on some crunchy, and aromatic Jambools by storing them in air-tight containers!

Parwal ki Mithai


Well, let’s face it! Parwal is a not-so-liked vegetable by everyone, hence parwal ki mithai is one of the best ways to relish it. Especially quite famous in North India, this wonderful summer dessert contains khoya and cashew paste filling infused with saffron and silver work. In summary, fry them to perfection and create sweet memories!

Ooty Varkey

One of the most underrated and unique Indian desserts, Ooty Varkey is a traditional tea-time snack that is not only considered a re-interpretation/an Indian version of the local French puff pastry but also is known for its flakiness and amazing taste.

Goan Coconut Cake

Baath Cake is a traditional Goan cake baked at home with semolina and coconut. It’s dense, moist, and delectable! Also called Batk or Batica, it’s a classic Goan delicacy that’s deliciously sweet with golden brown edges!

Singhare Ki Barfi

A famous Navratra delicacy,singhare ki barfi is a sweet snack full of goodness. This barfi is unique, healthy, and wholesome at the same time! Top it up with chopped nuts, saffron, or coconut shavings. Moreover, these barfis are a nice healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

So when are you hopping next on a sweet-licious journey of enjoying these unique Indian desserts?

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