Top 5 things to Stay Fit and Eat Well During Wedding Season

In India, weddings are undoubtedly a grand celebration. “Wedding da season” has already begun in October and will last till January. Generally, a huge number of weddings happen during this period of time in our country. Making it the busiest time of the year for social gatherings.

Indian weddings are not just a one-day affair. There is a list of occasions and rituals spanned for a number of days. Every ceremony has a range of delectable displays of mouth-watering food. That makes it difficult to resist the delicious array of delicacies.  And what are weddings without “Shaadi ka khana”!

Well, there is no harm in gorging or binging on to your favorite food. The challenge comes mostly in striking a balance between our diet and food cravings. Honestly, we would also like to slay in our outfits and make an appearance on every special occasion. Most importantly weddings are meant to be celebrated. If you feel that such events or invites have started messing up your diet schedule. Read our blog for tips to stay fit and eat healthy during the wedding season.

1. Make a Meal plan

Time your meals in advance

In order to stay healthy during the wedding season, it is highly advisable to plan your meals in advance. Preplanning definitely gives you an extra edge on those unhealthy temptations. That arises when we are surrounded in midst of the delicious display of wedding food. Organize your entire day’s meal based on the functions you would have to attend. For eg. you have to attend a dinner event, you can have a small meal before the function. So that you do not gorge on everything that comes as soon as you make it to the wedding buffet. Your stomach being slightly full can help make a good decision on what to eat and what not! And If you have to attend a lunch function for such situations you can either skip dinner or have a very light and early dinner of soup or salad.

2. Eat-in Small Portions

Control on portions

Eating in small quantities is also a great way to stay fit and eat healthy during the wedding season. This is a smart way to enjoy wedding food without disturbing your diet. Controlling your portions help you to avoid binging on the lavish spread of the buffet. For instance, you can keep a tab on your dessert and have a single piece of Jalebi or Gulab Jamun. This will help you to balance your healthy diet and satiate your food cravings.

3. Choose Wisely

Make a healthy choice

It’s true that wedding foods are rich but there are also some healthy options which can fill you up without affecting your diet. You can start by having small bites of appetizers. Salads are always available at every wedding buffet you can increase their quantity. Avoid eating carb-loaded foods like portions of pasta, naan, or pizza. Instead, go for some stir fry veggies or grilled meat. For desserts, you can go for something with lower fat content or simply have fruit chaat if available.

4. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Water is no doubt the most important component of a healthy diet. Drinking water will help you fight those cravings. Also do not get worked up if you have binged on to your favorite wedding food. Simply remember to drink loads of water as this will help to wash out all the carbs and fats inside our body post-wedding.

5. Be Active and Burn the Dance Floor

Dance and burn the extra calories

Weddings are the most entertaining social events. Apart from food, there are so many activities which lighten up the ceremony. You can take part in those activities like dancing over the excess calories can be a great form of cardio. Also, don’t be shy to show some moves.

It is absolutely fine to have some fun sometimes but not by hampering your health and diet.

Disclaimer: The above article is only for informational purposes and is not to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or another qualified health professional for any questions regarding your health or a medical condition.

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