Top 5 Onam Sadhya recipes

Onam sadhya recipes

Onam is the annual festival of harvest symbolises culture in the rich state of Kerala. The festival you can celebrate by relishing Onam special food which you know as Onam Sadya or Sadhya, just like the Onam food we all grew up eating. Here is a list of the top 5 Onam Sadhya recipes for festivities.

Onam sadhya recipes
Onam sadhya


Olan is a perfectly balance curry with a mild spice and a rich flavour. Although, you can prepare curry with white pumpkin, cowpeas and coconut milk. It is one of the most commonly prepare Onam Sadhya recipe.


Kalan is a deliciously prepare gravy made of yams, plantains, coconut and curd. It can prepare for spicy using crushed pepper. Also, This makes it one of the best Onam Sadhya recipes. 

Ulli Theeyal-

Ulli theeyal is widely in demand because of its sour and spicy taste. You ca make with shallots immerse in a flavourful gravy. This makes it one of the best Onam Sadhya recipes. 

Pumpkin Erissery-

Pumpkin erissery you can prepare using fresh pumpkins, coconuts, and spices. You can mildly temper it and can be prepared either sweet or spicy. This makes it one of the best Onam Sadhya recipe. 

Paal Payasam-

Although a lot of payasam recipes are available, a Malayalee’s favourite will always be a ‘Paal Payasam’. It is a mildly sweetened payasam recipe and can be easily prepared with very few ingredients like boiled rice, milk, sugar etc. This makes it one of the best Onam Sadhya recipes. 

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We hope that you found what you were looking for in our compilation of Onam Sadhya recipes. Hopefully, you will try some of them and enjoy the variety found in Onasadhya.

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