Top 5 food phobias that actually exist!

Food Phobias

Phobia is a type of anxiety disorder due to excessive fear of an object or situation. Phobias can go up to different levels and can be aversions to anything, including FOOD! Here are the top 5 food phobias that actually exist-

Food Phobias
Food Phobia


  1. Cibophobia-

Can you imagine someone fearing food as a whole? Cibophobia, a rare among food phobias, is an eating disorder in which the sufferer fears food. Some of the symptoms include fear of expired food, refusal to eat leftover food, worried about how well is the food cooked etc.; the sufferers most probably try to develop certain eating rules.

  1. Mageirocophobia

This condition involves the fear of cooking; a common among food phobias. The fear is associated with being afraid of burning themselves, over/undercooking the food, or even afraid of cooking for others.

  1. Acerophobia

Among food phobias, this is the fear associated with sour foods. Acerophobia usually arises out of a traumatic experience during an early age. This is also known as Acerbophobia.

  1. Thermophobia

Among food phobias, this is the fear associated with hot foods. Thermophobic people generally try to avoid hot foods, hot weather or rather anything hot. The opposite of thermophobia is Cryophobia, the fear of cold.

  1. Alektorophobia-

This among food phobias is basically the fear of chicken. This is considered as one of the rarest phobias in the world. This can also be considered as a condition linked to Obsessive Control Disorder (OCD).


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