Top 5 Children’s Day Recipe- Make your kids go all bananas!

Top 5 Children’s Day Recipe- Make your kids go all bananas

Kids are the fussiest when it comes to food! While we strive to feed them healthy food, they are in constant search of anything junk, chocolatey, or sweet. This Children’s Day, we bring you the top 5 Children’s Day recipe from our home chefs-

Ragi pancakes-

children's day recipe

Ragi is known for its various benefits like reducing risks of cancer, boosting respiratory health, and also the nervous system. Ragi pancakes are healthy as well as extremely delicious! This makes ragi pancakes one of the best Children’s Day recipes.

Veg Burritos-

children's day recipe

Veg burritos are the ultimate lunch box dish and will be a favourite for any kid. Throw in veggies and some homemade sauces for extra flavour, and your kids will go bananas all over them. This makes Veg Burritos one of the best Children’s Day recipes.

Moong Dal Chila-

Moong Dal Chillas are extremely nutritious and delicious and can be a very good breakfast or dinner option. Pair it with some ketchup, and your kids will start loving moong dal all of a sudden. This makes Moong dal Chilla one of the best Children’s Day recipes.

Oats cake-

Childrens day recipe
oats cake

The Oats are rich in fibre, help in reducing cholesterol levels, and improve blood sugar and whatnot. A simple oats cake can be eaten as breakfast, snack, or dessert. This makes Oats Cake one of the best Children’s Day recipes.

Paneer Sandwich-

Paneer is an all-time favourite for both kids and adults alike. Prep up the paneer filling as per your kid’s choice along with relevant veggies. This makes Paneer Sandwich one of the best Children’s Day recipes.

We hope this Children’s day recipe helps you celebrate this special day with your kids and their friends.

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