Top 5 benefits of eating chocolates


Feeling guilty every time you grab a piece of chocolate? Not anymore! Chocolates have been scientifically proven to have many benefits, but only when consumed in the desired amounts.

Here are top 5 benefits of eating chocolates-

1. Reduces the risk of heart diseases

Chocolates are known to reduce the risk of cardio diseases by one-third. This is mainly because chocolate helps in reducing blood clots which lead to heart attacks. Blood platelets tend to clump lesser if you are a chocolate eater.

2. Reduces the risk of strokes

Just as how chocolate reduces cardio diseases, studies show that people who ate these sweet treats had fewer chances of stroke in comparison to people who didn’t. It is also suggested that one must consume around 100gms of chocolate a day. Not feeling guilty now, are you?

3. Improves fetal growth

Eating chocolate during pregnancy can improve fetal growth and development. The recommended amount for expecting women are around 30 gms a day. Finally a chance to satisfy those cravings again!

4. Improves athletic performance

Chocolate can seem helpful when consumed during your workout breaks to boost your energy levels. In this case, consuming it dark is advised, and studies have shown that athletes covered more distance after consuming dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains flavonols which increase the release of nitric oxide in the body.

5. Reduces cholesterol levels

Eating chocolates have proven that it reduces the risk of LDL or “bad cholesterol” levels in the blood. Regular consumption can also improve blood pressure and hence cholesterol levels as well. This is especially true if the chocolates consumed contain Plant sterols (PS)  and Cocoa flavonols (CF).

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