Top 3 Reasons To Eat Soya Protein Every Day

Top 3 Reasons To Eat Soya Protein Every Day

Soya is the most abundant vegan protein source. It is a rich vegetarian substitute for dietary animal proteins. Soya protein is rich in dietary fibre, calcium, iron and Vitamin E.

Here are our best reasons to eat soya every day!

It is a very good source of lean protein

If you’re looking to lose weight and build muscle, soy foods are a good source of lean protein. They can help you feel fuller for longer periods, which can reduce unhealthy snacking. Protein is also great for building muscle and increasing energy. Soy is a complete protein, meaning that it contains all the essential amino acids your body needs but doesn’t produce naturally.

Soybeans have a high protein content compared to other legumes. One cup of cooked soybeans contains 29g of protein—almost half of the recommended daily protein intake for adults, which is 46–56g per day (depending on gender and age).

It helps in maintaining the right body weight

The high-protein content of soya helps in maintaining the right body weight. For a person trying to lose weight, nutritionists usually suggest foods high in protein but low in fat and cholesterol. Soy fits the bill perfectly as it is a low-fat, low-cholesterol source of protein.

If you need to gain weight, soy protein can be combined with other foods to help you put on some pounds. However, if it is weight loss that you are aiming for, then combining soy with reduced-calorie diets will help you lose those extra pounds.

It helps to lower cholesterol and maintains blood sugar levels

Plant sterols are the main ingredient in soya protein, which helps to lower cholesterol. They do this by blocking the absorption of dietary cholesterol. Soya is a great source of plant sterols!

The other main benefit of soy protein is its ability to help control blood sugar levels. Soy protein can also slow down the rate at which carbohydrates are released into the bloodstream, helping lower insulin levels and preventing glucose spikes.

Wrapping up: Soya Protein is a great alternative to meat at mealtimes.

Soya has a high protein content which means that it can be used as an alternative source of protein for vegetarians. This is important for those who do not eat meat, such as vegans and people with religious beliefs. Soya protein is also easy to prepare because it does not need cooking over a long time for the nutrients to remain intact; this makes it perfect if you are rushing around and need something quick to throw together at mealtimes!

It is nutritious, containing vitamins A & B2, potassium, magnesium & zinc – all essential nutrients our bodies need each day!

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