6 Bizarre Coffee Flavors That Will Blow Your Mind

All good ideas begin with a cup of coffee, but did you know there are some bizarre coffee flavors that will perhaps help you come up with the best ideas? Take a look at some of them here.

Mushroom Coffee

An unusual concoction that’s prepared from mushroom extracts and coffee,mushroom coffee is getting all hyped up for a lot of reasons! To summarize, not all mushrooms are compatible with brewing this coffee and hence this recipe follows an unusual thing of combining mushroom extracts and instant coffee.

Lavender Coffee

This is a healthy coffee that tastes as good as it looks! All you have to do is to combine coffee, milk, lavender syrup, or whole/chopped lavender flowers in a coffee mug. Additionally, you can make an iced lavender latte by half-filling a cup with ice and half-filling it with milk and lavender syrup. In brief, be careful to infuse only a few lavender buds for a slightly floral flavor. Thus, serve and have a good time!

Charcoal Coffee

Kopi Joss, or charcoal coffee, is a special unrestrained brewed coffee made from loose coffee grinds, sugar, and water. Accordingly, an entire piece of red-hot charcoal is dropped directly to sweeten and flavor the black brew. As its name suggests, charcoal emits a ‘joss’ sound when it appears.

Bacon Coffee

Wow! This recipe is the ultimate union of the two most popular breakfast items! Even though it may seem a little appalling, this coffee flavor carries the essence of being sweet yet savory. Additionally, the fine smokiness from the bacon mixed with roasted coffee beans makes this beverage highly unique.

Peanut Butter Coffee

Peanut butter lovers, where are you at?!

Peanut butter’s nutty flavor is the perfect complement to your regular coffee! To begin with, this coffee is a rich, dark, silky, and smooth cup of indulgence that’s uniquely flavored with yummy peanut butter! Furthermore the addition of coconut oil and peanut butter, this coffee is exceptionally creamy. Generally, this coffee is served hot or cold. Therefore, if there’s one combination that you should try above all, make it peanut butter and coffee!

Vietnamese Egg Coffee

To begin, eggs and coffee may seem strange together, but prepare yourself! One of the strangest coffee flavors you’ll ever experience is Vietnamese egg coffee, which tastes like liquid tiramisu. Ca Phe Trung/Vietnamese egg coffee is a traditional Vietnamese delicacy. It is sweetened with condensed milk and egg yolks and is whisked together for about 10 minutes until the mixture is light and fluffy. In conclusion, with a little hint and flavor of eggs, this drink has a sweet, creamy, and rich flavor.

In conclusion, when are you swapping your regular cup of coffee with these bizarre ones!? All in all, make sure to experiment a little!

Featured Image Credits – instagram.com/junctioncoffeeokc

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