5 Regional Cuisines Of Maharashtra That Are Legit “Lai Bhaari”

5 Regional Cuisines Of Maharashtra That Are Legit "Lai Bhaari"

There’s more to Maharastrian cuisine than vada pav. misal pav and puran poli! Here we bring some underrated regional cuisines of Maharashtra that will fill your heart (and tummies) with a delicious surprsie!

Varhadi Cuisine

Varhadi cuisine finds its roots in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Though it is a tad bit milder than Saoji cuisine, Varhadi cuisine still has a spicy kick to it. Moreover, the usage of chickpea flour, black pepper, mustard, sesame, nutmeg, star anise, red chilli powder, dried mango powder, and cloves in its preparations is mandatory. Varhadi cuisine is rustic, flavourful, and salivating. In short, head over to Nagpur to have a full-blown experience of the traditional “Varhadi Thaat”!

Malwani Cusine

Found in the southern parts of Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka, malvani cuisine is heaven for sea-food lovers. This underrated tropical cuisine, originating from the town of Malwan, is a delicious affair consisting of the special “Malwan masala”. It is a dry powdered concoction, with a mixture of 15 to 16 dry spices and creamy coconut milk. Moreover, the whole process of grinding ingredients like red chilies, coriander seeds, cardamom, ginger, kokum, tamarind, with fresh coconut makes this cuisine irresistibly tasty!

Kolhapuri Cuisine

There’s more to Kolhapuri cuisine than Tambda rassa and Pandhra rassa! Predominantly, Kolhapuri cuisine is all about using the traditional Kolhapuri spice mix (masala). Additionally, the yummy onion-garlic chutney takes the cuisine to a whole new level. In conclusion, head over to the city of Kolhapur and experience a new gastronomical affair by enjoying their traditional Kolhapuri “PAHUNCHAR.”

Saoji Cuisine

Spicy, hot, fiery!

Saoji cuisine is Nagpur’s trademark cuisine. Spicy and mostly non-vegetarian, Saoji dishes are distinguished by their use of special spices. Best known for its unique “Saoji masala”, this cuisine hails from the Halba Koshtis weavers’ community. It is said that there are around 32 ingredients in the masalas used in these meals, which are named Bhukri masala, Kala masala, and Batlo. In brief, it can make your eyes water!

Konkani Cuisine

Predominantly non-vegetarian, Konkani cuisine is the cuisine of the Konkan community. The USP of this cuisine is coconuts and kokum; ingredients that you’ll find in every traditional Konkan household. Apparently, Konkani cuisine basically consists of two preparation styles – Malwani & Karwar. Additionally, the vegetarian part of the preparation draws inspiration from the cooking style of Konkanastha Brahmins.

In conclusion, do not miss out on these underrated regional cuisines when you are planning a trip to Maharashtra.

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