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 Cheesecake Rasmalai Cream cheese Cake

The Festive Set Cheesecake

Cream cheese Mousse
Biscoff Topping /Rasmalai Variation
(Eggless and Pure vegetarian)

Equipment needed:
Hand Mixer Whisk Attachment
Double Boiler
Piping Bags (Disposable preferred)
OHP Sheets
5 inch Cake ring or a springform cake tin
Leaves /Kafir Lime leaves
Weighing Scale

Ingredients required:
For Crumble – Method 1
Butter – 50g
Castor sugar – 25g
Brown sugar- 25g
Flour – 140g
Salt a pinch
For Crumble – Method 2
Digestive Biscuit(Grated) – 70g
Brown sugar- 10g
Melted Butter- 17g
For cream cheese mousse :
Cream Cheese -125g
Whipping Cream – 80g
Cooking Cream – 40g
Agar – 1g(¼ tsp)
Icing Sugar – 60g
Lemon zest – ½ nos
Vanilla extract – ½ tsp
(Makes enough for a 5 inch Cake ring)

For the Rasmalai Cream cheese mousse:
Kesar Doodh masala (Everest) – 2tsp
Rasmalai Essence – 2-3 drops

For Biscoff Topping
Lotus Biscoff Paste – 80g
Cooking Cream – 40g
For Rasmalai
Whipping Cream- 60g
Store-bought Rasmalai (the Milk) 4-5 Tbsp
For Dark Chocolate Decor
Dark Chocolate -100g
Leaves (kaffir lime/ or any small leaves) (washed and sanitized)


    How to make the festive set of cheesecake: For Crumble

    Step 1

    1. Place flour, sugars, salt, and cinnamon in a bowl and mix

    Step 2

    2. Add butter cubes (COLD) and rub until the mixture looks like Bread crumbs.

    Step 3

    3. Bake it at 175C for 7-8 mins

    Step 4

    4. Method 2: Mix the Grated Digestive Biscuits, mix with the sugar and melted butter, and tap gently on the base of the cake pan.

    Step 5

    For cream cheese mousse : 1. Whip the Whipping cream (med-stiff peaks) in a chilled bowl and reserve it in the refrigerator.

    Step 6

    2. Soften the cream cheese and cream lightly.

    Step 7

    3. Sieve the icing sugar onto the cream cheese, and cream it several times. STOP, DROP and SCRAPE.

    Step 8

    4. Add Vanilla and zest to this when making the biscoff version. (Omit the vanilla and zest and instead add Rasmalai essence)

    Step 9

    5. In a saucepan, lightly heat the agar and the cream, whisking continuously to avoid lumps. (For the Rasmalai, add the doodh masala to this with the agar)

    Step 10

    6. Pour and mix into the cream cheese mixture

    Step 11

    7. Fold the whipping cream, pour/pipe it into the mold, and flatten it using an offset Spatula

    Step 12

    8. Set in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours.

    Step 13

    For Biscoff Topping: 1. Mix in both the cream and the Paste and warm. Pour it over the set cheesecake and set it for an hour.

    Step 14

    For the Rasmalai: 2. Mix the whipping cream and the milk of the Rasmalai. And garnish.

    Step 15

    For Dark Chocolate Decor

    Step 16

    1. Warm the chocolate in a double boiler.

    Step 17

    2. Wash, sanitize, and air-dry the bubble wrap.

    Step 18

    3. Temper the chocolate using a few callets. If using compound, you dont need to temper.

    Step 19

    4. Brush it on the Leaves and allow it to set.

    Step 20

    5. Peel off the leaves and brush them with edible gold dust.

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