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    70 Mins
  • Cook Time
    45 minutes
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Patishapta, a unique sweet dish widely famous in Bengal, especially during the sankranti time of the year. Can be safely related as the cousin of its french counterpart “crepes”, this dish is made out of rice crepes stuffed with a humble serving of coconut and jaggery filling to honour the new rice produced in the season’s harvest.

An age old weakness for Bengalis all across the globe , as it doesn’t get made any other time unless you make a puppy face in front of your mother.


Ingredients Required For The Crepe

Ingredients Required For The Kheer


    How to make Patishapta at home

    Step 1

    STEP I—MAKE THE CRÊPE BATTER - Take 1cup of date palm jaggery. Mix with 2 cups of water and make a syrup. Let it cool down

    Step 2

    In a mixing bowl, add the maida, sooji ,rice flour ,and milk (1 cup) and the prepared syrup (1 cup)

    Step 3

    Mix the ingredients together till they are more or less combined.

    Step 4

    Cover the batter and set it aside to rest, for 1 hour so that the suji swells up

    Step 5

    While your batter is resting, prepare the kheer for the filling .

    Step 6

    STEP II—MAKE THE KHEER - Take 1.5 kg milk in a heavy-bottom saucepan and set it to boil.

    Step 7

    Keep boiling the milk, while stirring it continuously, for about an hour on low to medium heat.

    Step 8

    Scrape the solids from the bottom and sides of the pot at regular intervals

    Step 9

    Once the milk has thickened sufficiently such that it falls in clumps, add ½ cup of jaggery, ½ cup of desiccated coconut and 1/4th cup of sooji. Stir for a while until everything combines to form a thick mix.

    Step 10

    Allow the kheer to cool

    Step 11

    STEP III—MAKE THE PATISHAPTA Divide the kheer in equal portions

    Step 12

    Now, set the pan on medium-low flame and allow it to heat up completely

    Step 13

    Once the pan is hot, smear it with a very, very light coating of ghee 4. Using a ladle, add the batter in the centre of the pan.

    Step 14

    Swirl it around gradually to form a thin crêpe

    Step 15

    Roll a portion of the kheer between your palms and place it at one end of the crêpe.

    Step 16

    Start folding the crêpe into a roll, with the help of a spatula

    Step 17

    Transfer the patishapta from the pan to a plate and proceed making the rest.

    Step 18

    Serve with some dry fruits of your choice.

    Step 19

    Serve it warm or store it in the refrigerator

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