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Lassi is originated from the land of Punjab and Multan, but it adopted worldwide as the best summer coolant. Its curd, sweet and pure pleasure in a glass. The summer days of Lassi after a chole bhature breakfast or an Indian thali Lunch and the so-called “ power naps” results are something which we all secretly admire. Try this authentic recipe and enjoy!



    How to make Patiala Lassi at home

    Step 1

    Carefully take out the top layer of the set cup or the malai and keep it aside chilled for garnish

    Step 2

    Take the thick curd, sugar, cardamom powder, ice cubes and blend well.[ can be hand blended with a traditional wooden whisk also] Don’t add water

    Step 3

    Serve in individual glasses and garnish with some generous curd upper layer, saffron strand, chopped Pista, and chopped almonds.

    Step 4


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