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It’s officially Hot Toddy weather.Especially for winter days, you need more than just a cozy cardigan and fuzzy slippers to stay warm.

Make your Christmas merrier with this warm beverage



Ingredients Required


    How to make Hot Toddy at home

    Step 1

    Take the cloves, star anise , cinnamon [ 1 piece ] and put in a hot water flask or water jug.

    Step 2

    Peel and cut the ginger , cut the orange in roundels and save the peels as well.

    Step 3

    Pop in the ginger, orange roundels and orange peels in the flask as well.

    Step 4

    Boil around 600 ml hot drinking water and pur in the flask.

    Step 5

    Add the honey to this and let the water get infused with these amazing flavours for 2-3 minutes.

    Step 6

    Take preferably 4 rock glasses or glass mugs and pour in large pegs of Glenfiddich whisky or any premium whisky of your choice. Pour in the prepared infused water, garnish with a cinnamon stick each.

    Step 7

    Relax and enjoy your winter post dinner drink.

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