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Homemade Peanut Barfi Recipe 

Homemade Peanut Barfi

About Homemade Peanut Barfi: Peanut Barfi is a widely loved and incredibly delicious fudge that is prepared with sugar, khoya, and peanuts. The Indian dessert can be prepared in less than an hour.

icons8-meal-100.pngHomemade Peanut Barfi

icons8-meal-100.pngServing: 8

icons8-meal-100.pngPrep Time: 10 min

icons8-meal-100.pngCooking Time: 30 min

Ingredients of Homemade Peanut Barfi

1. Peanuts250Gm

2. Khoya/Mawa750Gm

3. Sugar125Gm

4. Cardamom Powder¼ Tsp

5. Water

How to Make Homemade Peanut Barfi

1. Add peanuts into a grinder and grind them as finely as you want them to be. Add sugar and water in a pan and heat it on medium flame.

2. Allow water and sugar to boil until they form a syrup with one thread consistency. Add khoya or mawa to the hot syrup and thoroughly mix it after turning off the flame.

3. Add peanuts into the syrup along with cardamom powder. The mixture would have attained a thick paste like consistency by now.

4. Transfer it to another pan, which is greased with oil or ghee. Evenly spread the mixture with the help of spatula. Allow it to cool down and then cut it into desired shapes.