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Homemade Classic Chicken Biryani Recipe

Homemade Classic Chicken Biryani

About Homemade Classic Chicken Biryani Recipe: A biryani that celebrates the fusion of garden fresh spices and the sumptuous chicken tikka.

icons8-meal-100.pngHomemade Classic Chicken Biryani

icons8-meal-100.pngServing: 6

icons8-meal-100.pngPrep Time: 15 min

icons8-meal-100.pngCooking Time: 45 min

Ingredients of Classic Chicken Biryani

1. Chicken1 Kg

2. Basmati Rice 4 Cups

3. Sliced Thin Onions 3

4. Finely Chopped Tomatoes4

5. Green Chillies4

6. Ginger20 Gram

7. Red Chilli Powder2 Tbsp

8. Garlic 20 Gram

9. Coriander Powder2 Tbsp

10. Garam Masala Powder1 Tsp

11. Coriander (Dhania) Leaves1/2 Cup

12. Mint Leaves1/2 Cup

13. Sunflower OilnAs Needed

14. SaltTo Taste

15. GheeAs Needed

16. Hung Curd 1/2 Cup

17. Turmeric Powder1 Tsp

How to Make Homemade Classic Chicken Biryani

1. Wash basmati rice and soak it in water for about 20 minutes. Add 3L of water in a vessel and boil it. Once it starts to boil, add 1 tsp of cooking oil and salt. Now, add the soaked rice into it & cook it for three to five minutes.

2. Take a deep bottomed pan, add oil, and heat it on medium flame. Add a sliced onion and fry it until it becomes brown in color. Keep it aside for later use. Now, clean and properly wash the chicken. Marinate it with turmeric powder, salt, red chilli powder, and curd. You should marinate the chicken for at least thirty minutes.

3. Take a large pan and heat it on medium flame with oil. Add sliced onions and saute it until they become translucent. Once they become translucent, add ginger-garlic paste and continue to saute it. Add the green chillies and thoroughly mix the ingredients and then add chopped tomatoes to it. Saute until the tomatoes become a bit mushy.

4. Now, add salt, coriander powder, and red chilli powder & then to saute it for about 2 minutes. Add coriander and mint leaves into it. Check for excess water once the chicken is cooked. If there is excess water, thicken the masala by increasing the flame.

5. Add ghee into a vessel and spread it thoroughly to coat the sides and bottoms of the vessel. Put on low flame and then add 2 teaspoon of chicken biryani masala and spread it. Add the cooked basmati rice over the biryani masala and cover the chicken by spreading the rice. Put it on dum for 10 minutes.