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Homemade Andhra Style Kai Kurma Recipe

Homemade Andhra Style Kai Kurma Recipe

About Homemade Andhra Style Kai Kurma Recipe: Cooked in Andhra style Kopra with assorted veggies and a dash of poppy seeds, this glorious dish is a treat to your soul.

icons8-meal-100.pngHomemade Andhra Style Kai Kurma

icons8-meal-100.pngServing: 5

icons8-meal-100.pngPrep Time: 20 min

icons8-meal-100.pngCooking Time: 45 min

Ingredients of Homemade Andhra Style Kai Kurma

1. Cashew Nuts6

2. Water1/4 Cup

3. Khus Khus 4 Tsp

4. Fresh Grated Coconut3-4

5. Chopped Potato1/2 Cup

6. Chopped Beans1/2 Cup

7. Carrots1/2 Cup

8. Green Peas1/2 Cup

9. Chow Chow1/2 Cup

10. Salt1/2 Tsp

11. Turmeric Powder1/2 Tsp

12. Water1 Cup

13. Bay Leaf1

14. Cardamom2

15. Cloves3

16. Cinnamon1

17. Green Chillies2

18. Red Chili Powder1 Tsp

19. Turmeric Powder1/2 Tsp

20. Salt1 Tsp

21. Coriander Powder2 Tsp

22. Vegetable Oil2 Tbsp

23. Ghee1 Tsp

24. Finely Chopped Onions2

25. Ginger Garlic Paste2 Tsp

26. Finely Chopped Tomatoes 3

27. Curd1/4 Cup

28. Milk1/2 Cup

29. Garam Masala Powder1 Tsp

30. Coriander Leaves4

How to Make Homemade Andhra Style Kai Kurma

1. Add all the ingredients in a blender and make it into a thick paste. Set it aside for later use.

2. Take the veggies, cook them in a cup of water, turmeric powder, and salt until they become firm. Cook for just a couple of minutes if you are using a pressure cooker. Keep it aside.

3. Add oil and ghee in a pan, heat it, and then add the spices. Fry it for ten seconds. Now, add onions and fry until it becomes soft.

4. Add ginger garlic paste and tomatoes into it, Fry it for four to 5 minutes or until the oil starts to appear on kurma’s top.

5. Now, add the cooked vegetables, spice powders, and salt. Cook for one minute.

6. Add curd, thick paste, and garam masala powder into it. Make sure to whip the curd before adding it. Now, allow it to boil.

7. Add milk and allow it to boil. Turn off the flame and garnish the Kurma with coriander leaves.