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  • Water 170 gms
  • Sugar 12.5gms
  • Yeast 5gms
  • Flour 245gms
  • Salt 3gms
  • Olive Oil 25gms
  • Toppings (cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, spring onion, lady finger etc)




  • In a large bowl sift flour and sugar together.
  • Add the yeast and give a dry mix.
  • Start kneading while adding milk.
  • Once smooth dough is achieved, add salt and knead again till salt mixes well. 
  • Add olive oil and combine well.
  • Keep in mould to proof for atleast 30mins.
  • Once proofing is done, punch holes with fingers and add topping. Spray with sprinkle oregano or mixed herbs.
  • Agin proof it for 30 mins.
  • Bake in preheated oven at 220°C for 30 mins.


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    • Kamali

      Thank you for another valuable class

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      It was a amazing live . Learnt a lot

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      Attended the session yesterday…. It was like it was hands on experience …. Everything explained well n with detail….glad to have attended

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      It was an amazing session
      Thank you masala box

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