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    15 minutes
  • Cook Time
    20 Minutes
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Baigan ka Bharta is an extremely popular dish that originated in rural parts of India. Every region of the country has its unique style of preparation. This humble recipe has a different version in each state, in Bihar, it is known as “Baigan chokha”. Whereas in Maharashtra it is called “Vangyache Bharit”, kathirikai gothsu in Tamil, and Baigan Ka Bharta in Punjab. But the key essence of this dish is similar in every recipe, that is the smokey flavor of eggplant. It is a vegetarian delicacy and can be made with minimalistic ingredients available at home. This recipe is the Punjabi version of Baigan Bharta. It is phenomenally loved because of its rich and intense flavors.

The Perfect Pairing/Best Combo

An ideal match for this dish is Roti or chapati. But some states of India have a special way of eating it. In Bihar, Baigan Bharta is served with litti whereas in Madhya Pradesh it is Gakkad and Bati in Rajasthan. Yellow Dal as an accompaniment acts as a great palette cleanser for this dish.



    How to make Baigan Bharta at home

    Step 1

    Make small slits in the eggplant and roast it directly on the gas top, cook until it's soft

    Step 2

    Clean the eggplant, take out the outer layer, then mash it to get the pulp texture.

    Step 3

    Heat oil, add cumin seeds, chopped green chili, sliced onion, and cook.

    Step 4

    Add chopped tomatoes, cover & cook till they are softened.

    Step 5

    Add all powdered masala, then add chopped eggplant pulp.

    Step 6

    Mix & cook for 1-2 mins on low flame

    Step 7

    Check for seasonings & serve hot

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