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Aloo parathas can safely be claimed as the most popular breakfast dish of the Indian subcontinent and adjoining nations. So much so that in numerous jokes it’s called the national breakfast of Punjab. It’s the soft, spongy, spicy experience inside a bread from the most humble ingredient like potatoes, which has made it win hearts over the years.

Opening a tiffin box and getting the happiness from seeing aloo parathas sitting in the coziest way besides some curd and pickle is an age-old memory that we have all lived with. Have a look at this recipe in the most fun and cult way an aloo paratha can be made and Enjoy!


Ingredients Required


    How to make aloo paratha at home

    Step 1

    Make a soft dough with wheat flour, salt and water and keep them aside.

    Step 2

    In a Tawa, add oil, garlic cloves, chopped green chili, and sautee them for 2 min in a medium flame, then make a paste.

    Step 3

    In a bowl add boiled potatoes and smash them nicely, then add pepper, cumin powder, coriander powder. Prepare garlic & chili paste and add to it along with some fresh coriander leaves.

    Step 4

    Mix all together, now the stuffing is ready.

    Step 5

    Make paratha with prepared dough & stuffing as shown in the video.

    Step 6

    Finally, cook the roti in a pan with some ghee until it turns golden

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