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Homemade Eggless Pancake Recipe

About Homemade Eggless Pancake Recipe: Another eggless sweet wonder for the vegetarians to rejoice! Who said you cannot achieve the fluffy, soft, and light texture of a pancake without eggs? Top a warm pancake with some syrup of your choice and sink your teeth into a stack of deliciousness.

icons8-meal-100.pngHomemade Eggless Pancake

icons8-meal-100.pngServing: 2

icons8-meal-100.pngPrep Time: 5 min

icons8-meal-100.pngCooking Time: 10 min

Ingredients of Homemade Eggless Pancake

1. All-purpose flour/maida1 cups

2. Powdered sugar2 tbsp

3. Baking powder1 tbsp

4. Melter butter2 tbsp

5. Milk 1 cup

How To Make Homemade Eggless Pancake

1. First, we will mix all our dry ingredients. Take a bowl and put all-purpose flour/maida then add powdered sugar, 1 tsp baking powder mix it well.

2. To this, we will then add melted butter and milk (which should be at room temperature).

3. Whisk it using a fork or hand whisker and make a batter of pouring consistency.

4. Heat a tawa on low flame and apply little butter.

5. Then pour the batter using a ladle. Once the underside of the pancake is done, the disc will leave the tawa surface. Flip it over and cook the other side.

6. Serve with honey and chocolate syrup with a side of fruits. If you want to add an Indian touch, try molten jaggery or coconut palm sugar.