4 Pretty Pink-Colored Beverages To Wipe Away The Blues


“Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink” Here we bring some unique pink-coloured beverages that not only look pretty but are also packed with great health benefits! Give a little twist to your usual beverages and make these asap! Moreover, they are super easy to make!

Pink Coffee/Beetroot Pink Latte

This velvety, healthy, caffeine-free pink coloured coffee is typically a beet latte that is made from beetroot powder, frothed plant-based milk, and your choice of sweeteners. With a sweet vanilla flavour, nutty undertones and earthiness of the beets, this delicious vibrant pink latte is power-packed with the goodness of beets and other nutrient-rich energy-boosting nutrients!

Pink Chai

Pink tea, also known as Kashmiri chai, Noon chai, Shir chai, or Gulabi chai, is a dusty pink milk tea distinguished by its unique, delicate colour. It’s deliciously rich and creamy, has very little caffeine, and is quite healthy. The pink colour in this tea is caused by chlorophyll reacting with bicarbonate of soda, which was added to boiling Kashmiri tea leaves. As a result, no artificial colouring is used in this sweet and spicy tea!

Pink Lassi

This icy rosy pink lassi is the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day! Ingredients like rose syrup, almonds, and dried rose petals in this traditional Punjabi Lassi add a subtle pink hue to this refreshing drink. It is a delicious twist to the traditional sweet lassi that’s everyone’s favourite! Moreover, with a nice pink hue and fresh taste, a glass of chilled pink lassi is all you need!

Pink Lady Cocktail

This funky gin based cocktail is a classic favourite for the ladies out there! This pink-coloured boozy drink is a concoction of ice, grenadine, egg whites, London dry gin, applejack and lemon juice. Pour this out in a classy martini glass and top it up with maraschino/brandied cherries or lemon wedges. In brief, this frothy sweet-tarty cocktail is the perfect choice for a girls night out!

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