North Indian Meal Plans in Bangalore

North Indian meal plans


Bangalore is home to a high population of the working crowd. It is populated by a spectrum, some of whom have settled in the city for work, away from families and away from a home-cooked meal. With the current pandemic situation, there is a spike in employees working from home and a spike in the workload along with it. However, most of these workaholics don’t find the time to step out of their zoom screens to cook a healthy meal, and ordering in from restaurants every day is not feasible health-wise or wallet-wise.

The need for a Tiffin service industry and homemade meal plans, thus, was really high. Specifically in times like these, when everyone is stuck at home and working longer hours when home-cooked meals become a priority, and nobody has the time to cook. Homemade Food Subscription Services like EatFit provide healthier alternatives to ordering in. EatFit is a food delivery platform that serves meals prepared from locally sourced produce and made by Home Chefs.

5 Benefits of ordering North Indian Meal Plans from EatFit

Quality of food

Health and nutrition every meal that is delivered is prepared with locally sourced ingredients in a home kitchen. The quality of food is as good as the nutritional benefits it promises. The meal plans include a balanced combination of ingredients that come together to bring out the flavours of a home-cooked meal.

Assured Quality

Every chef onboarded with us goes through screen tests to assure perfect quality to the customers. Meals are subject to taste tests multiple times to not compromise on the quality of food that is delivered.

No Dishes/groceries

Nobody has the time or interest in grocery shopping before a meal or washing up after. The hassle of going through the ingredients and buying them and the hassle of washing a hundred dishes are tasks no one likes. Our meals come in compartmentalized boxes, so you don’t have to cook or wash or go groceries. It is easier than ever to save time and effort while also not compromising your health.


 Each meal plan offered by EatFit is designed not to put a lasting hole in your wallet. You get the value for the money that you put in. We also offer longer meal plans, which means larger discounts and a one-time investment for your health.

Skip Cooking

We are all too busy finding the work-life balance to step into the kitchen and spend time cooking a full meal. The need thus has risen for an affordable meal every day. EatFit provides meal plans daily or monthly to maximise the value of money you spend.


There are multiple meal choices for lunch and dinner, and each meal includes a variety of items that offer specific nutritional benefits. Each meal that you order will leave you satisfied in terms of hunger and health.

North India Meal Plans by EatFit

Below are the variety of North Indian Meal Plans provided by EatFit. You can choose your preference as rice or roti or both in a few meal plans. You also have veg and non-veg options.

Having come this far, we are sure you are now craving a home-cooked meal. North Indian Meal Plans are your answer. Go on and order from EatFit now!

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