Nitro Pepsi: A Look At Pepsi’s Latest Invention, A Nitrogen-Infused Cola

Nitro Pepsi: A Look At Pepsi's Latest Invention, A Nitrogen-Infused Cola

You read that right. Pepsi in its new, and as some would say, improved version. A nitrogen-infused version that’s softer than an actual soft drink!

And no, this isn’t a new concept in the beverage industry. Nitrogen has been a common gas added in drinks like beer and cold-brew. It is however something never done before (as Lady Gaga would say) in the soft drink industry.

This nitrogen-infused version of our favourite Pepsi is creamy, smooth and a rich bubble-filled delicacy that everyone should try at least once. Why? I’m glad you ask.

  • Its a brand new technology! Get with the times!
  • Its smoother than soft drinks. Who wants that painful fizz when you can enjoy a similar taste with more comfort?
  • It comes in two different flavours. Enjoy the comfort of nitrogen infused drinks in draft cola or vanilla draft cola.

It’s only out in the USA right now, but we’re sure it’ll be out here soon! Enjoy it in a nice big glass or even better, straight from the can!

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