5 Myths About Veganism Everyone Should Stop Believing

Going vegan has become kind of a trend nowadays. With many celebrities endorsing the concept, a lot of people have started to go vegan. However, it comes with its own set of apprehensions and doubts. Don’t worry, we are here for you! Here’s a list of 5 myths about veganism that you should stop believing right away!

It’s Protein Deficient

Contrary to popular belief, the vegan diet is not protein deficient. Vegans get many of their proteins from quinoa, tofu, spinach, lentils, broccoli, etc. Proteins are the building blocks of the body and they are found in adequate quantities in the vegan diet too. If you eat enough calories and have a balanced diet, there is no way your diet would be deficient in proteins.

Source: Insider

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Veganism Guarantees Weight Loss

Weight loss is majorly associated with calorie intake and not with where you derive your food from. The source of nutrition does not have anything to do with the total calories consumed. You might end up consuming a lot of calories even on a vegan diet.

Source: Self

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Dairy Products Are A Must For Strong Bones

Dairy products are a good source of calcium. It’s Calcium that is essential for the development and strength of bones, muscle contraction and maintaining blood pressure. However, the vegan diet also has a lot of things that are rich in calcium like beans, lentils, peas, spinach, flax, chia seeds & sesame seeds. So, no worries about weak bones!

Source: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

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Going Vegan Is Expensive

Well, when you visit a superstore, are vegetables more expensive than meat? Going vegan is as suitable to the pocket as anything else. One of the priciest grocery items is meat. Remove it from your diet and voila! You save a lot of money. Hence, going vegan is pretty affordable.

Source: Deccan Herald

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Vegans are always Tired

The levels of fatigue in your body, depend a lot on the food you eat. It does not depend on if you are a vegan or not. If you are eating insufficient proteins and calories, then the levels of fatigue in your body are bound to be high, whether you are a vegan or not. Hence, a balanced diet is key to an active lifestyle!

Source: Everyday Health

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Turning vegan is one of the best choices you can make towards a better and healthy lifestyle. However, it is always better to get your facts right. So, bust the myths and create an informed opinion about veganism!

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