9 Menus We’d Never Be Able To Order From Because We’d Be Too Busy Laughing

9 Menus We'd Never Be Able To Order From Because We'd Be Too Busy Laughing

I don’t know about you (but I’m feeling 22!) but I love pointing out errors in food menus! It’s an unexplainable joy. Hanging on to that joy, we’re at it again, with some hilarious menu mistakes!

This animal-friendly keema naan

This is one keema naan PETA can get behind. The error just makes me want to try the dish even more.


These chilled out strips

Forget yoga, forget herbal tea, forget all that jazz. Calm strips are the answer to peace “pro max”.


These Vegan enchiladas

Want to achieve maximum vegan-ness? Eat this Mexican treat. PETA’s screaming with joy right now.


This restaurant, that’s not so sure, to be honest

Will you get the food you asked for? Maybe, maybe not. I guess that’s what the thrill is all about!


This very motherly potato

Watch out, it might blame your cough on phone usage. Might even tell you to not open the door for anyone, even when you’re an adult. 


This fashionable chicken

You know your chicken is good when it comes with tights. A sporty delight for friends and family!


These electric chops

Its a good dish, but it doesn’t have the brightest flavours!


These feminine sandwiches

Ah yes, girl sandwiches for all the grills out there. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.


And finally, whatever the hell this is 

I’ve studied English for 19 years now. And yet today I question all of it. Anyway Gopi Mansurei anyone?

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