Master with the Masterchef!

17th Sep, 2023

4:00 PM

Zoom webinar

₹ 699 Free

17th Sep, 2023  4:00 PM

Zoom webinar

₹ 699 Free

About the Expert

Meet the sensation of MasterChef India Season 7, Chef Nayanjyoti Saikia! Entirely self-taught and with an unmatched flair for presentation, he's the buzz of the culinary scene. Experience the magic as he elevates the ordinary to gourmet brilliance!He makes mundane dishes look gourmet with his presentation skills.

About the event

Ever wanted your home-cooked meals to stand out and get those "restaurant-quality" compliments? Dive into the world of cooking magic with us! Join us, Masalabox this Sunday, September 17th, at 4 pm. Chef Nayanjyoti will be your guide, unveiling secrets to mastering the right techniques. You'll learn how to make dishes that not only taste superb but also dazzle your guests with their presentation. Perfect for those special gatherings or when you just want to treat yourself. Why blend in when your dishes can stand out? Let's cook up a storm together!

You will learn:

The Impeccable Tart: Dive into the delicate artistry of tart-making, understanding the balance of flavors, textures, and aesthetics that go into crafting that perfect tart. Every bite will be a testament to your newfound skills.

Delightful Profiteroles: Unravel the secrets behind baking these airy, golden treats. Learn the nuances of creating a perfectly hollowed choux pastry and filling it with the creamiest, dreamiest fillings. Your guests will be asking for seconds!

Elevate Every Meal: It’s not just about cooking; it's about presenting. Understand the nuances and finesse required to turn your ordinary dishes into a visual and flavorful treat. Elevate your everyday meals, making them worthy of a five-star restaurant setting.

This is a golden opportunity to upskill your culinary prowess. Bring the finesse of world-class dining into the comfort of your home kitchen. Dive into the captivating universe of "Master with the MasterChef".

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