Food Styling and Composition Masterclass by Chef Alok Verma

Recipes you will learn in this workshop

The iconic Pineapple Upside Down Cake that is completely eggless - baked in a Kadhai.

About the expert

Celebrated Food Stylist Alok Verma is a Doctor turned Food Stylist and Photographer who specializes in all things visuals related to food - right from styling, plating, to composition. He started his beautiful journey with food in 2015 and hasn’t looked back ever since.

About the event

Are you someone who can't start their meal without first clicking a picture of it? If the answer is yes, here's a class that you MUST join! Celebrated Food Stylist Alok Verma will teach you how to wow everyone with amazing food pictures, and set your Instagram on fire! He will teach you secret techniques of food styling, composition, colour theory, and props so that you can style your food and click professional-looking pictures - using just your phone!

You will learn:

The basics of Food Styling and Composition, includes the following:

1. Composition techniques
2. Observing color theory
3. Choosing the right props
4. Lighting

Plus, Alok will also address all your technical questions about food styling and photography. So, get ready to light your Insta feed on fire!