6 Mango Varieties That Will Make You Fall In Love With ‘The King Of Fruits’

6 Mango Varieties That Will Make You Fall In Love With 'The King Of Fruits'

Basking in the summer heat and gorging on those juicy mango varieties is certainly not an “aam” baat for Indians. Call it crazy, but life without love and summer without mangoes are completely meaningless. So when life gives you mangoes next time, chuck your worries away and chill a little by devouring these 6 mango varieties!


With a blemish-free hue, delectably sweet taste and yellowish fibre-free pulp, Baganapalli is hailed as one of the most popular varieties of mangoes that are cultivated in India.Additionally these wonderful mangoes are sourced from a village of the same name in Andhra Pradesh. For instance, they taste super yummy when blended to make a thick mango shake!


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Here comes the royal mango! Alphonso mangoes have earned a reputation for their distinctive flavor, aroma, and superior quality world wide.With a delicate texture, tender pulp, and little to fibre, alphonso (or Hapus, as they are fondly called in Marathi) are known to be quite expensive with a sweet and tangy flavor profile. In summary, there is nothing like the taste of Devgad Alphonso!


To begin with, Dasheri mangoes have a characteristic sweet taste and are native to North India. Also known as “table” mangoes, these are a delicious variety of mangoes that are low in fibers, pulpy and juicy. You can not only slice them or blend them into juices, shakes, and smoothies, but can also enjoy them whole. These mildly tangy and sweet mangoes are generally known for their tenderness, fragrance and succulency!

Gir Kesar

Gir Kesar is a deliciously sweet mango that won’t let your mango cravings down! This mango is full of flavor and is intensely sweet. Additionally, it has a long shelf life, a pleasantly sweet taste, and is also India’s second largest mango variety. Commonly cultivated in Gujarat, you can also make delicious mango pickle from Gir Kesar.

You can also try infusing them in lassis and kulfis!


Naturally sweet and soft in texture, you will adore the juiciness, flavor, and sweetness of the Langra mangoes! The oval-shaped seed and small size of Langra mangoes make them one of the best-known mango varieties available in the Indian market. In contrast to other mangoes, Langra mangoes are generally green even after ripening, whereas other mangoes turn yellowish-red.


To begin with, you may not be aware that these mangoes are the result of a cross between two well-known mango varieties, Dasheri and Neelam. Amrapali is a well-known hybrid mango. Their pulpy flesh and naturally sweet flavor have made them famous.

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