Making Butter At Home Is Going Viral

Making Butter At Home Is Going Viral

Food blogger and cook Cherie Denham spoke to Newsweek about her obsession with making butter at home —and one of the most viewed videos on TikTok is hers, with 27.9 million views!

The latest viral TikTok video shows how to make butter at home. India has been making its butter for years, but it’s surprising that the rest of the world is now embracing this Indian tradition.

The video shows how to make butter at home in just two minutes. The key ingredient is fresh cream. You can use any type of cream, but it’s best to use organic cream because it contains less water and more fat than conventional varieties.

What are the Benefits of Making Homemade Butter

One of the benefits of making homemade butter is that it tastes better than store-bought butter because it is made with more natural flavours. It can also be healthier because it does not contain hydrogenated oils or chemicals. Homemade butter is also lower in saturated fat and cholesterol than store-bought butter.

How to Make Homemade Butter

To make homemade butter, you will first need milk, sugar, and salt. You will then heat up the milk until it becomes warm but still liquid, adding sugar until the mixture forms a thick consistency (about 40 minutes). Once the mixture has formed a thick paste, switch off the heat and add salt to taste. Use a spoon or your hands to spread the mixture into an even layer on an oven-safe dish or pan (about 2 hours). Allow the butter to cool before storing it in an airtight container.

Use the Right Technique

When making homemade butter, it’s important to follow the correct technique. You don’t want your butter to become clumpy or lumpy – this will ruin its texture and function. Additionally, be sure to watch how much heat you put into your oven before starting the oven – too much heat can cause your butter to turn into a hard state instead of creamy and smooth.

Storage and Use Homemade Butter

If you plan on keeping your homemade butter around for a long period of time (like year-round), it’s important to store it in an airtight container so that it doesn’t spoil over time. Additionally, it is best practice to use as few ingredients as possible when making homemade butter so that each batch has better flavour and consistency).


Making good homemade butter can be a fun and easy process. You can make a delicious and healthy product by choosing the right ingredients, making the best homemade butter, and using the right technique.

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