7 Lesser-Known Regional Biryani’s Everyone Must Try At Least Once

Biryani Recipe

This survey report found regional biryani to be the most popular and most ordered dish in India, with 115 biryanis ordered per minute, which means almost 2 biryanis every second!

Biryani is the most loved dish in India, and almost every state has their own version of Biryani.

If you’re a fan of Indian food, you’ve probably tried regional biryani before. It’s one of the most popular dishes in India and all ages of people just love it. There are many different types of biryani, but today we’re going to focus on a few that you may not have heard of before. So without further ado, let’s start!

Biryanis you must try!

Let’s start with the basics – what is Biryani, anyway? 

Biryani is a dish that is popular all over the Indian subcontinent. There are many different variations of the dish. But they all have one common characteristic: rice and meat or vegetables cooked together with spices. 

The word “biryani” comes from the Persian word “birian,” which means “fried”. 

Biryani is often plate with raita, a yoghurt sauce that helps to cool down the spicy flavours of the dish.

Depending on the region where it is mad, there are many different types of biryani. In Northern India, for example, regional biryani is usually made with lamb or chicken. 

In Southern India, beef and pork are common ingredients in biryani dishes. It’s not the only type of biryani out there. Prawn biryani is a popular one that doesn’t have meat or vegetables in it.

Biryani’s extraordinary story

There are a lot of stories around the origin of Biryani. However, we can confirm the dish’s origin goes all the way back to Mumtaz Mahal, the inspiration behind Taj Mahal.

The story goes like this- Mumtaz once visited her soldiers in the barracks. According to her observations the soldiers were looking pale and weak. 

She told the cook of the army create a dish that is filling and nutritional at the same time. Hence, biryani was created. 

Back in those days, people fried rice in ghee in order to give it a distinctive flavour and prevent the grains from clumping. It was heated on a wooden fire, using a mix of meat, saffron, and spices.

7 Lesser-Known Regional Biryani’s Everyone Must Try At Least Once

Prawn Biryani: A delicious and exotic version of the dish, made with prawns.

Prawn biryani is a variation of the regional biryani dish that uses prawns as the main ingredient.

Biryani alternatives are made using various parts of the prawn and are all different. When I try to cook prawn biryani, the most significant part is to make it in a pot on a cooktop. Prawn biryani can taste decent with or without chutney or raita, but it’s fantastic for any occasion.

Some of the variations of Prawn Biryani found in India are-

  • Malvani prawns biryani recipe
  • Dindigul prawn biryani recipe
  • Prawn saffron biryani
  • Brown rice prawn biryani
  • Jheenga biryani recipe
  • Prawn biryani recipe Mangalorean style

Other Regional Biryanis: There are many other delicious variations of the dish from all over the world.

Biryani is a world-famous dish, popular across the board.

For example, biryanis from Pakistan and Bangladesh are traditionally done with beef or lamb. While those from Sri Lanka and Thailand often include seafood. In countries such as Nepal and Malaysia, vegetarian versions of the dish are also available.

No matter where you go, there is sure to be a delicious variation of regional biryani waiting for you to try. So if you’re looking for something new to add to your culinary repertoire. Be sure to give some of these other regional biryani dishes a try!

Bhatkali Biryani

Karnataka’s coastal regions are home to this particular biryani, a speciality of the Navaasth cuisine. Persian traders brought it into the area. The meat in bhatkali biryani is cooked with onion, green chilis, and spices before being layered with rice to create a unique spicy aroma.

Authentic fish biryani served in a white plate or handi Free Photo
7 Lesser-Known Regional Biryani’s Everyone Must Try At Least Once

Thalassery Biryani

The dish is said to have originated in Thalassery in Kerala, and the locals take great pride in their recipes. Toasted, caramelised onions, infused with grated ginger and cardamom. Also top it with stuffed olives and halva, Jeerakasala or Khyma offers a distinct flavour. The spices and taste is strong and satisfying, and you will love a meal in Thalassery.

Ulavacharu Biryani

There’s nothing like Ulavacharu Biryani in Andhra Pradesh. This dish is special because it has fennel, star anise, and cloves. This trick of boiling rice and cooking chicken in the same water gives the rice its unique flavour. This mouth-watering dish is scrumptious, and we are sure that you will add it to your favourites list. 

Bai Biryani

The Muslim community in Tamil Nadu makes this tasty bai biryani from broken rice. Unlike other household biryanis, this one is not made with much pomp. It can easily be a dish with rice, spices, and vegetables. The best part about this dish is the smoky and earthy smell, which comes from the coal smoke infused into the pot during cooking. 

Sindhi Biryani

As the name suggests, this dish comes from Sindh, Pakistan. Spices and dried fruits are top ingredients to use to make it. Fresh basmati rice, vegetables, spices, and your choice of meat are best for Sindhi biryani. What makes it delicious is the addition of chopped chillies, mint leaves, coriander leaves, onions, pistachios, and yoghurt. This topping is then dotted with plums and potatoes.

Dindigul Biryani

The extremely popular Dindigul biryani (also known as Thalapakatti biryani). It comes from the town of Dindigul in the state of Tamil Nadu. Made from seeraga samba rice, which is mixed with pieces of mutton or chicken and yoghurt, pepper, and lemon juice to give it a distinct tart taste.

Healthy paneer pulav or pilaf using basmati rice served in a bowl or plate, indian food Free Photo
7 Lesser-Known Regional Biryani’s Everyone Must Try At Least Once


There are countless different variations of biryani which are the favourite meal of many, and the number of people who love regional biryani keeps increasing every year. So, try out a few of these lesser-known variations of biryani to experience something out of the ordinary.

There are many different kinds of Biryani, and each has its own unique flavor. You have to try Biryani if you’re looking for a new and exciting dish. You can find many different recipes online, so there’s no reason not to try them!

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